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Adventure Spain without a plan.

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Our photographic journey to Spain was a testament to spontaneity and the thrill of the unknown. Unlike most expeditions that are meticulously planned, this adventure was decided upon just two days before our departure. With cameras in hand and a sense of wanderlust in our hearts, we embarked on a journey that was unscripted and led purely by our instincts.

Initially, we had considered Valencia as our first and potentially only stop. The allure of its architectural wonders and vibrant streets seemed like a photographer’s dream. However, as we journeyed, our plans took an unexpected turn. Halfway through, driven by a sudden impulse, we decided to veer off our charted course and head towards Punta Prima, a quaint town nestled next to Torrevieja. This last-minute change was not just a detour in our route, but a shift in our entire adventure’s narrative.

Adventure Spain - without a plan

The journey was long, approximately 2,800 kilometers of changing landscapes and horizons. We traveled through varying terrains, each with its unique beauty, capturing fleeting moments from our vehicle. Our expedition was a balance of driving and sleeping, with intermittent stops to stretch our legs and breathe in the fresh, unfamiliar air of the places we passed. These brief pauses were not just physical breaks but moments to appreciate the journey’s unpredictability.

We finally arrived in Punta Prima at 6 p.m., the golden hour casting a perfect light over the town. The booking of our apartment was as spontaneous as our trip, done en route once we crossed the Spanish border. This last-minute arrangement added to the thrill of our adventure, a fitting choice for a journey that embraced the unexpected at every turn.

In Punta Prima, we found a serene escape, a stark contrast to the bustling energy of Valencia we initially envisioned. The town, with its charming streets and tranquil beaches, offered a plethora of photographic opportunities. Each snapshot taken was a story in itself, capturing the essence of this hidden gem.

Enticed by the charm of Punta Prima, we made a unanimous decision that further defined our Spanish adventure – we extended our trip from the initial 9 days to an entire month. This extension wasn’t just about adding days to our calendar. It was about a deeper immersion into Spain’s vibrant culture, landscapes and life. Our goal was to discover and experience as many places and cities as possible. We wanted to capture the essence of each of them through our lenses.

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