Alicante. Unraveling the Costa Blanca Jewel

A tourist town on the Costa Blanca.

Alicante city Costa Blanca

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Alicante – Unraveling the Costa Blanca Jewel. Today, our journey brings us to the vibrant city of Alicante on Spain’s sun-drenched Costa Blanca. As we wander through its lively streets and bask in its Mediterranean glow, it’s immediately clear that a single day here barely scratches the surface of what Alicante has to offer. With the promise of uncovering more of its treasures, we’re already planning a longer return to this captivating city.

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Alicante is a harmonious combination of historic charm and modern vitality. The heart of the city beats around the Explanada de España. It is a wonderful promenade paved with marble, shaded by palm trees and full of cafes. It is an ideal base for any visitor. As you walk, the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea and the sight of sailboats bobbing in the marina add to the picturesque setting of the city.

Tourist attractions to visit in Alicante

A visit to Alicante wouldn’t be complete without visiting Santa Barbara Castle. Perched atop Benacantil Mountain, the castle offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding area. Its walls whisper centuries-old stories about the history of the Moors and Spain. The winding approach to the castle, either on foot or by elevator, is a journey back in time. It culminates in breathtaking views across the bay.

The city’s old quarter, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, is a cascade of colorful houses, blooming bougainvillea, and cobblestone streets that beckon explorers with an air of Mediterranean tranquility. Here, history meshes with the hum of local life, inviting you to lose yourself in its narrow lanes, discover hidden plazas, and perhaps stumble upon a traditional fiesta.

Alicante’s culinary scene is a reflection of its coastal soul. From bustling tapas bars serving local specialties like espetos and arroz a banda to seaside restaurants where you can dine on fresh seafood while watching the sunset, the city offers a feast for the senses. The local markets, such as Mercado Central, are a treasure trove of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and spices, showcasing the richness of Spanish cuisine.

Cultural enthusiasts will find Alicante’s museums and galleries a source of inspiration. The Museum of Contemporary Art, housing works by Spanish artists including Dalí, Miró, and Picasso, stands as a testament to the city’s artistic heritage. Meanwhile, the archaeological museum (MARQ) offers an insightful look into the region’s ancient past.

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Photo of the promenade in Alicante on the Costa Blanca

As we say goodbye to Alicante with its golden beaches, monuments and bustling streets, we are aware that the charm of this city is too great to capture in one visit. We leave with hearts full of memories and minds already planning our return. Alicante, with its combination of culture, history and Mediterranean beauty, encourages longer explorations. It promises new discoveries at every turn. Stay tuned for our return trip to this enchanting city? Returning to it, we will delve into its hidden treasures and local secrets.

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