Art in Vegas.

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Art in Vegas. Photo of the week InPhotoStock.

Art in Vegas City

“Art in Vegas” is another photo from the very rich inphotostock photo gallery. A large stone carving dominates the frame. Captured in vibrant Las Vegas. Its form is abstract, curved and smooth. The texture of the sculpture is rough and unpolished. Shadows play on its surface, creating depth. Sunlight highlights its contours and edges. The whole thing is set against the background of urban architecture. This is “Art in Vegas” – a visual statement. This contrasts with the usual glitz of the city. The artwork is timeless in a place that never sleeps. It was chosen for its aesthetic value. Its curves suggest movement, a static yet dynamic presence. The work of art provides a counterpoint to the surrounding urban landscape. In Vegas, even art tells a story. This sculpture is a bold piece in the gallery.

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Art in Vegas photostock

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