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Breakfast. Photo of the week InPhotoStock.

breakfast stock graphics

Today’s photo on inphotostock is aptly titled “Breakfast” and features a lovely graphic spread of the first meal of the day.
The composition includes a pair of waffles with playfully drawn square pockets, suggesting the potential for syrupy sweetness. Next to it is a plate with eggs, sunny side up, their yolks as bright as the morning sun. A fresh green sprig of basil adds a touch of color and suggests a hint of aromatic flavor. The strawberries shown here have a juiciness resulting from their bright red color and tiny seeds. A generous slice of cheese with holes to indicate its variety adds a rich texture to the overall experience. In the corner there is an illustrated cup of coffee, its dark color ensures a strong start to the day. The whole is completed with a simple spoon and a white bowl, possibly filled with sugar or cream. This graphic is a visual invitation to the most important meal of the day.
We selected this graphic for the gallery to showcase the variety of high-quality visualizations available to our clients. Perfect for enhancing advertisements, websites and various entries, this is a sample of our diverse graphic offer. This image reflects the versatility and creativity customers can expect from the inphotostock collection.

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