Geese on the farm.

geese on the farm animal photo

Geese on the farm. Photo of the week InPhotoStock.

geese on the farm photostock - inphotostock

” Geese on the farm ” – a look at rural life through the lens of InPhotoStock. Two yard guards stand alert and proud. Their feathers fluttered lightly in the crisp morning breeze. They crawl deliberately across the frost-covered ground. A communal bowl offers a place to sip together. Their calls echo in the familiar village symphony. Each bird’s gaze, sharp and appraising, misses nothing. They are unlikely guardians in a feathered watch. At dawn, their patrols begin along the edge of the barn. They are the last to settle at dusk, always alert. Even at rest, one eye is constantly vigilant. They are more than cattle; they are part of the soul of the farm. Their presence is woven into the fabric of everyday duties. In their step, a story about the rhythm of the countryside. Together they embody the spirit of country life.

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geese on the farm photo of the day inphotostock

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