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In Dresden. Photo of the week InPhotoStock.

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Photo from the InPhotoStock gallery titled “In Dresden” – the waterfront is bustling with eager tourists. River cruises await you, ready to discover the wonders of the city. The cruise provides a combination of history and landscapes – it is a 50-minute journey through time and architecture. Iconic monuments line the banks, each with a story. The waters of the Elbe carry whispers of the past. Visitors admire the city’s panorama rich in monuments. Each ship is a moving observation point, a floating observation point and reveals the charm of Dresden in a unique way from this watery perspective. Spiers and domes rise to greet travelers from afar.

The trip is a must, locals and guides agree. From the river, the heartbeat of the city of Dresden is different, rhythmic, which distinguishes this attraction from many others. When the ship sails, memories remain in everyone’s mind. Dresden seen from the water – a perspective that cannot be missed.

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