Road in winter.

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Road in winter. Photo of the day InPhotoStock.

road in winter photography

The January inphotostock gallery opens with the photo “Road in winter”.
A frosty silence covers the landscape. The frost clings to the branches, fine and white. The road is wide, clear and inviting. Snow-covered shoulders indicate recent downpours. The trees are tall and their bare branches reach to the sky. The foggy air adds a whisper of mystery. Faint tire tracks weave the stories of morning journeys. The horizon tempts with a pale line of possibilities. Signs of life are scant but present. The touch of winter gently caresses every surface. Mild winters in Poland bring such peaceful landscapes. This sight, a rarity for some, is an everyday occurrence here. For those who enjoy tropical warmth, this is a cool wonder. Imagine the crisp air filling your lungs, refreshing you. This is a winter road, a seasonal passage transformed.

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road in winter photo gallery inphotostock

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